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yes! the only reason i ship damon/elena is because of damon/happiness. i think elena has used him too much and it breaks my heart that she still carries him around with her, but then chooses stefan??? :(((

I wouldn’t put all the blame on Elena, tho. It’s not like she has a great, stable life and all her decisions are made under the best circumstances. She has as much right to be flawed as Damon. Neither of them are perfect.  

It’s just… I know I’ll never stop shipping these two fools but what’s bothering me is the how tiresome their dynamic is becoming. By what JPlec said, he’ll keep being the loyal puppy nobody loves/acknowleges/gives a damn about, and she’ll keep being the forever undecided girl torn between safety and passion. I want Elena to fully reveal parts of her character/personality that we only caught glimpses of - I wanna see her fire, and I want her to give in to what she truly wants. And I want Damon to keep his dignity and be cold to her when it’s needed. He can’t always be there. As romantic as it may be, it’s not right. Him never leaving her? Amazing, but I think he needs to leave. Maybe not in a physical way, but emotionally. He needs to make her realize how much she needs him, and how she can’t let him go as easily as she thought she could. 

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